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Voted Best Hair Salon for the last seven years by New Hampshire Magazine,, our salon is the premier location on the Seacoast for your hair care needs.  You can entrust your hair in the hands of our talented professional stylists. We offer exclusive Kerastase Products, available in only selected salons across the country. 

Stylist levels are based on their expertise and experience.  The Wingate offers a consistent team of professionals, many who have been at the salon for more than ten years.

Stylists receive advanced and continuous training during classes and trainings both within and outside the salon.  All of our staff attend annual training at the L’Oreal’s Professional SOHO Academy in New York City. 

We invite you to come and experience our salon for yourself, created to provide classic hair design in a beautifully relaxed environment.

Haircutting & Design

We want your experience at our salon to be exceptional.  Your haircut and design includes a scalp massage with a luxurious shampoo and conditioning, haircut, blow-dry, styling and finishing touches. 

The prices of our haircuts and designs are based on the level of experience of our stylists.  All of our hair stylists receive continuous training and education.  We believe that regardless of which stylist you choose, your service will reflect the high standards we have that keep our clients coming back.

  Stylist Senior Stylist Master  
Women's Hair Cut
$42 $52 $62  
Men's Hair Cut
$34 $36 $42  
Girls' Junior (10-15)
$32 $35 $45  
Boys' Junior (10-15)
$22 $25 $35  
Girls Cut (9 & under)
$29 $32 $35  
Boys Cut (9 & under)
$19 $22 $25  
            Stylist  Senior Stylist Master Stylist  
Root Color             $75          $80         $85  
Full Color           $100        $110       $115        
Partial Foil
            $95        $105       $110        
Full Foil /Balayage /Ombre
          $125        $130       $140        
Color & Few Foil
          $129        $135       $145           
Color & Full Foil /Baliage
          $145        $150       $160        
Men's Color
            $95           $97         $99           
Our Blow-Outs are here to end bad hair days...forever! Our blow-outs are about great hair and perfect styles at affordable prices. Our team are masters of the brush, blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron - and their mission is to leave you feeling beautiful!                 
Blow-out |  Stylist $36     Senior Stylist  $42     Master Stylist $52
Get the polished look of a professional blowout - trade in your own brushes and blow dryers for a seat in the salon!
Ultimate Blow-out | Stylist $49    Senior Stylist $52    Master Stylist $62
Luxurious hair washing, nourishing Kerastase Treatment, expert blow dry and style with flat iron or curling iron.        
The Wingate Salon and Spa


Hair Treatment Special
Amy - Aug 30, 2018
Kari Jo is my hair stylist and I looked for years to find someone who understood my hair. I have long thick and wavy hair. Every time I leave from my appointment with her I am all smiles because she makes me feel beautiful. She takes the time to talk to me about what I want and if I have concerns which I found helpful. She really understands hair and its natural flow so every time I get it cut my hair seems happy to fall the way she cut it! I would recommend her!

Haircutting & Design
Diane - Jul 23, 2018
the Wingate Spa is elegant and comfortable, and my stylist, Cari Jo gave me the first cut I have ever had that makes my curly hair easy to control. I LOVE this place!

Haircutting & Design
Nancy - Mar 15, 2018
I have been very happy with my visits to the Wingate over the years. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. I have been receiving hair services from Adriana for several years. She always listens to me and we work together to create wonderful, flattering cuts. She is an expert and is very professional. We always have interesting chats during the service. I have also had massage and nail services at the Wingate and I would definitely recommend them with full confidence that all services will yield excellent results. Bravo Wingate!