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Work for the Premier Salon & Spa on the Seacoast - The Wingate has been voted Best of New Hampshire for 5 Consecutive Years. We have a loyal group of employees and are always interested in talented professionals from the area as we expand our staff. If you are interested in a position at the Wingate we would love to hear from you. Actual openings vary throughout the year as our teams are always growing based on high client demand.

Eyelash & Brows Tint

Have your eyelashes and brows stand out with a little tint! Eyelash tinting is a great way to get the results of mascara without mascara! It's fast, easy and brightens the look of your eyes. Over time our brows and lashes can lose hair and this is the perfect way to make them look fuller. Tinting is a great treatment to make everything pop!

Eyelash  $30  
Eyebrow  $21  
Eyelash & Eyebrow $46