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Blow-Outs, Treatments & Special Events

Get the polished look of a professional blowout - trade in your own brushes, blow dryers and flat irons for a seat in the salon!  Visit our Wedding & Events section for bridal related details. 

Our Kerastase treatments restore hair health, strength and vitality to your hair and are customized to focus on your hair’s needs.  
Our Blow-Outs are here to end bad hair days...forever! Our blow-outs are about great hair and perfect styles at affordable prices. Our team are masters of the brush, blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron - and their mission is to leave you feeling beautiful!                 
Blow-out |  Stylist $39     Senior Stylist  $45     Master Stylist $55
Get the polished look of a professional blowout - trade in your own brushes and blow dryers
for a seat in the salon!
Ultimate Blow-out | Stylist $52    Senior Stylist $55    Master Stylist $65
Luxurious hair washing, nourishing Kerastase Treatment, expert blow dry and style with flat iron or curling iron.        
Kerastase Treatments

Address you target problem areas with a luxurious treatment that instantly transforms your hair. Kerastase Hair Treatments use the latest innovations in salon care and are designed to meet your specific needs.  We offer a combination of concentrated treatments and masques. Consult with your stylist about which treatment is right for you and they will add it to your hair service. 

Prom/Special Occassion Hair

Starting at $85

Whether it is a night out on the town or a special prom occasion, let our stylists design the perfect look for your big event.