Our Charity Policy

The Wingate Salon and Spa is committed to working with local groups in order to create partnerships throughout the New Hampshire seacoast area. Our current charity policy supports charities and/or organizations through gift certificate or gift basket donations. These donations may be utilized at fundraising programs and events.

In an effort to make meaningful contributions to our community, The Wingate Salon and Spa has identified two key areas of giving:

• Women’s Health & Wellness
• Children’s Health & Advocacy

Each year we receive hundreds of donation requests from worthy causes in the seacoast area. Due to the volume of applications that we receive, we must unfortunately decline some requests that may indeed be consistent with our priorities.

Donation requests are accepted via email only, and must be received at least three weeks prior to your event, and include the following:

1. Full name of charitable organization and charitable tax registration number
2. Complete mailing address, telephone, and email
3. Name and title of contact person
4. Purpose of donation and needs of community addressed
5. Previous Wingate involvement, if applicable
6. How the Wingate’s donation will be advertised
7. How you will report on the impact of the donation back to the Wingate

All requests should be emailed to:

The Wingate management meets on a bi-monthly basis to make all decisions regarding gift donations. All decisions are final.

The Wingate Salon and Spa